Guarantee / Warranty Registration

Guarantee / Warranty Conditions


  • Coils or wires that are loose or broken
  • Coils or wires that protrude or tea


  • Splitting occurring in the wood frame
  • Loose or broken foundation wire through any fabric
  • Compression of modules
  • Leg and castor failure
  • Mattress fabric (including stains, burns, pilling, or loose covers)
  • Normal body indentations (less than 32 mm)
  • Handles (where fitted) – these should be used only to position the mattress and should not be used to support the full weight of the mattress
  • Border wires, which run along the perimeter of the mattress (innerspring) and foundation, bent due to moving or folding the sleep set
  • Issues relating to comfort choice, ie the mattress is too firm or too soft. Comfort is a personal choice and while adjustments are possible these are not a manufacturing fault.
  • Issues relating to heat.
  • Bedding sold ‘As Is’
  • Damage due to abuse
  • Bed Height
  • Sheet fit
  • New bed smell/odour
  • Mattress damage due to an inappropriate foundation. A Sealy mattress is designed for full performance when used in conjunction with a matching Sealy foundation. If the mattress is damaged through its use in conjunction with a non-Sealy foundation, the warranty may be void.
  • Minor manufacturing anomalies that do not impact the performance of the bed (eg. mis-stitching on quilting).
  • Damage due to incorrect storage. Sealy Posturepedic Hybrid mattresses should be stored flat or comfort layers may detach from the spring unit.
  • Visco-elastic foams are temperature sensitive and feel variation may occur depending on outside temperatures. This is not a manufacturing fault.