It’s pretty common to want a bigger sized bed for extra space and ultimate comfort. However there are several factors that you need to consider before deciding on the size of bed that is suitable for your room. Here are 3 simple guides to help you decide which size bed fits your room better. 

1. Who is the bed for? 

One of the simplest ways to identify the right size bed that you require is to identify who will be sleeping on the bed. For example, if the bed is for a child, then a single would be sufficient. However if it’s for an older child, a teenager or young adult, a queen sized bed would be more appropriate. If you’re looking for a bed for a married couple, then a queen would suffice, but a king would be better, if the room space permits.

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2. How much space is available in your room? 

This is a very important factor when deciding on the size of your bed. The bed will have to fit perfectly in your room and still be able to provide enough space required for opening wardrobes and drawers, and for you to walk around and place other furnishings. You will also need to rotate your mattress every once in a while, so having sufficient space in your room to be able to rotate your mattress easily is important too. 

3. What is your budget? 

Like all major purchases, you will need to set a budget. The larger the bed, the more it’ll cost. The better quality and craftmanship that goes into the bed, the higher its price will be. Therefore it’s important to set a budget from the get go and decide on what your numbers allow you to aquire.

4. What are your future plans? 

Planning ahead when buying a bed helps to alleviate any future problems. For instance, if you’re buying a single bed for your tween child, it’ll be smarter to get them a double or a queen sized as they’ll quickly outgrow the single and will need more space in no time. And if you’re buying a double for a couple, plans to expand their family will just mean that they too will outgrow the double and will need a bigger bed in the future. So identify your future needs and make your purchase accordingly. 

These simple questions would allow you to have a gauge of which bed size would fit you best. With this in mind, you can now look around for your perfect sized bed! However, if you still need more numbers to really identify which ones suit you best, here are the rough measurements of bed sizes available. 

Single size 91x190cm

The single is recommended for young children or single adults with limited room space to fit a larger bed.

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Super Single 107x190cm

It is bigger than the regular single and provides more than enough space for your child sleep in it up to teenage years.

Queen size 152x190cm

It is the most preferred bed size for most couples for its price and space. The queen fits nicely in most bedrooms and it gives you just the right amount of personal space yet keep you close enough for a nice snuggle.

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King size 183x190cm

The king is the epitome of space on a bed. It allows couples to fully stretch without disturbing each other. King size bed also comes in handy if you have children who may bunk in with you on certain nights.

With this information we hope you’ll be able to narrow down your options when purchasing a new bed. Alternatively, if you’re looking to be creative and would prefer a custom made non traditional size, hit us up and we’ll help you through!  

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