Congratulations on your recent nuptials! We’re so happy for you!

As you embark on this journey together, allow us to be of assistance in helping you find the perfect mattress that suits both your needs and the needs of your spouse!

Experts say that one of the most essential ways to improve your health is to get a good night’s sleep, and the key to a good night’s sleep is a good mattress. However, being newlyweds, choosing the right mattress that provides enough comfort and support for the both of you can indeed be a challenge.

To begin with, always remember that like any major purchases, a new mattress is a lifetime investment. It will not only unlock your ability to sleep better, but it will also lead to a healthy, happy life due to a good night’s rest.

Therefore, to help you get started, we have broken down each element to provide you with a clearer picture of what’s perfect for you and your spouse. Mattresses come in a variety of styles and materials and while both of you may sleep in different ways, you can and will still be able to find a mattress that accommodates both your preferences.   

1.    Mattress Type

When you get started, you’ll probably notice that there are many different types of mattresses available in the market. And while there are many varieties, they can all essentially be categorised in 5 groups:

Foam: In the current day and age, the most popular of all foam mattresses are the memory foams. Made of entirely foam and with no coils, these mattresses provide above average contouring to the body, pressure relief and motion isolation. Foam mattresses are definitely a top priority and a good fit for side sleepers and couples.

Innerspring: With coil based support and many layers to it, the innerspring mattresses are bouncier and has limited motion isolation. While the coils provide essential support, the innerspring usually lacks in pressure relief. However, due to their lower price point, innersprings are the more popular option for shoppers with a restricted budget.

Hybrid: As the name suggest, the hybrids are a combination of the innerspring support core and the foam comfort system. These mattresses provide a blend of bounce and contouring while retaining low heat. They are a good fit for sleepers in any position.

Latex: These mattresses are also known as all-latex or true latex mattresses. They provide top notch bounce and durability with moderate contouring. When made with all natural and organic latex, these are the top pick among eco-conscious shoppers.

Mattress size

Studies have shown that sleeping alone allows one to rest better. In fact it has also shown that when one partner is tossing and turning and not getting a restful sleep, chances are that the other partner is feeling the same way too. Therefore it is very important to ensure that there is sufficient space for the both of you on the mattress.

Beds generally come in standard sizes. The smallest is a twin and is often used for children. The largest is a king which is the widest and provides the most amount of space. And there is one in the middle, which is the most popular among couples – the queen. The queen sized bed fits a couple perfectly and is the go-to choice when having to stick to a strict budget.

So choose wisely. If there is enough space in your room and you have enough budget to afford a king sized bed, then invest in a king for a more restful sleep. Alternatively, you can opt for a queen but ensure that your mattress is right and provides the required support and comfort for the both of you.

2.    Sleeping Styles

One of the most important factors in deciding on a mattress together is discussing your sleeping style and habits. Always remember that your body size and sleeping style requires different comfort and support levels and this prior discussion can make shopping for a mattress much easier. 

For example, if you are a side sleeper, a softer mattress would be a good fit. And if you partner is on the heavier end, a firmer mattress would be more suitable. So get to know all the nitty gritty details and don’t forget to find out if your partner requires a special feature in a mattress like for an allergy, a recurring back ache or sleep apnea. Be frank and honest in your discussion and you will be on your way to deciding on a mattress that can accommodate both your individual needs.

3.    Edge Support

One of the most overlooked factors when looking for a mattress is edge support. Having firm and reinforced edges on your mattress would mean that there is more usable space on the mattress and it can reduce the risk of rolling off. The reinforced edges will also ensure that the shape of the mattress is preserved while keeping you as comfortable on the edge of the bed as you are in the middle.

Remember that a good mattress will provide all the required support in all the right places for proper spinal alignment.

4.    Mattress Pricing

While buying a mattress is a lifetime investment, it is also vital to remember that being a newlywed, you will have other expenses to consider as well. A useful exercise that most newlyweds are advised to practice is to set an overall bedroom budget. When including the cost of your mattress, remember it may come with additional accessories like the mattress protectors, pillows, bedspreads and comforters to fit the mattress that you purchase.

So set a budget that includes only everything you need and should you find yourself inclined towards a more expensive mattress, work towards building a savings for your dream mattress. Remember that purchasing a mattress is a serious investment for your comfort and your well being.

5.    Testing

One of the most important things that is also often neglected when buying a mattress is trying it out with your spouse. When heading out to buy a mattress, do not be afraid to ask question and speak to the sales consultant about the pros and cons of the mattress, its styles and materials. Wear comfortable clothing and shoes that are easy to be taken off and do not be shy to try the mattress. Lay on it with your spouse for about 20minutes, roll around and shift positions to see if it disturbs your spouse or does your spouse’s movement disturb you. While this may feel a little awkward, it is normal to lie on a mattress while shopping and it is the most important and helpful way to test a mattress.

Shopping for a mattress as newlyweds is indeed a very exciting experience. While comfort is subjective, having the both of you present when searching for the right mattress can help to ease the process. Plus, equipped with these tips, you’ll be well informed on making the right decision.

So have fun while shopping and may you find the right mattress that you can call your own!

Happy mattress shopping and congratulations once again!