Finding the right mattress is the key to a good night’s sleep. Therefore, selecting the right comfort choice in a mattress is a personal preference that goes a long way.

At Sealy, all our mattresses are designed, engineered and tested to provide optimal comfort and support regardless of the type of sleeper you may be. The ideal firmness for your Sealy mattresses ultimately depends on your preferred sleeping position.

While many focus on buying the right mattress, more often than not, we tend to neglect the right feel of the mattress. When sleeping, remember that your mattress should contour to the form of your body, preventing you from tossing and turning and feeling uncomfortable all night long.

So what is comfort and how is it different from support? Well, allow us to explain.

Support refers to the inner structure of a mattress and its ability to resist the downward pressure from when a person lies down on it. The right support level will keep your spine straight and promotes the right back support while you sleep.

On the other hand, comfort refers to the material layers on top of the innerspring and how soft or firm they may be. These layers conform to the body and helps to relief pressure points to ensure good circulation and prevent lower back pain.

There are 3 main comfort options when choosing a mattress and they are:

Plush Mattresses

The Plush comfort is the softest. It has the highest level of conformance to the body which reliefs the most pressure from the body’s pressure points.

A Plush is recommended for side sleepers who put more pressure on their shoulder and hips when they sleep on their sides. A Plush gives you a luxurious feel almost like sleeping on a cloud.

Medium Mattresses

The Medium comfort offer a lower level of softness compared to the plush, but it is not as rigid as the firm. If you need some level of conformance but feel like the plush is too soft, then the medium is the most ideal for you. The Medium is also perfect for back sleepers.

Sealy’s medium firm is a good middle ground for those who do not want a mattress that is too firm.

Firm Mattresses

The Firm comfort is the most rigid among the three. It is good for those who sleep on their front which allows the weight to disperse more evenly while reducing pressure on any other specific parts of the body.

The Firm is also perfect for those who prefer a firm feel over a soft one and those looking to reduce lower backaches.

So now that you know the 3 main types of comfort levels, here’s how you determine which mattress is best for you!

Step 1: Prepare Ahead of Time

Before heading out to purchase your mattress, prepare yourself physically and equip yourself with the right knowledge of what to look out for. Put on comfortable clothes and be willing to jump into bed and replicate your sleeping style. Keep in mind that side sleepers need a softer comfort level, front sleepers need a firmer surface and back sleepers are ok with the medium or firm levels.

Step 2: Try Them All

When you’re out looking for your mattress, remember to TRY, TRY & TRY! Look out for mattresses from all comfort levels and spend a good amount of time on them to really get a feel of the differences. Them note down how comfortable you felt on each of them.

Step 3: Narrow Down Your Selection

Once you find the comfort level of your choice, remember that are still options within the individual comfort level that needs to be explored. To find the perfect fit, once you’ve determined your comfort range that you like, explore the options available and have the Sealy Sleep Experts walk you through all its benefits and features.

Step 4: 10 Minute Trials

Once you’ve determined your preferred choice, and you’re sure you’ve found the one, jump into it all over again and give it one last try! Lay in it for at least 10 minutes in your usual sleeping position and roll around in it. If you share the bed with a significant other, remember to have them lay down in it with you too! That way you can truly find a mattress that’s suitable for the both of you!

If you feel like you need more help deciding which comfort level you prefer, allow our Sealy Sleep Experts to help you. Feel free to ask as many questions you need and do not feel shy to roll around and test the bed as long as you need!

Hope you find your mattress soon!