We’ve all experienced getting up in the morning thinking “I must have slept wrong, my neck hurts!” and then try to massage out or seek help for your aching neck, head or shoulder. This then brings us to the question of “does my pillow matter?”

It is undeniable that finding the right pillow can greatly improve your quality of sleep. The right pillow will help support your posture, your neck, shoulder, back and hips which subsequently helps keep your spin aligned.

However, choosing the right pillow greatly depends on your personal preference and your preferred sleeping position. So here’s a rough guide to help you get to know the different types of pillows.

Sealy Contour Memory Foam

The well contoured Sealy Contour Memory Foam pillow offers greater support for sleepers with neck and shoulder aches. The firm pillow holds the contours of your head and neck comfortably and then distributes the weight evenly which helps to relieve pressure for better support and sleep.

Sealy Contour Shape Latex Pillow

Our newly launched Sealy Contour Latex Pillow is specially designed with air holes to improve air circulation and breathability for cooling comfort. The Latex pillow also moulds to the contours of the head and neck gently for more comfort.

Sealy Grandeur Firm

Our Grandeur Firm is suitable for every sleeping position. Its comfot and firmness provides just the right support for your head and neck needs. Its 100% cover is also very gentle on your skin.

Grandeur Ultra Plush

The Sealy Grandeur Ultra Plush is a full gusset pillow, which has more shape and a higher loft compared to a regular pillow. Because of the additional support, the Grandeur Ultra Plush offers more loft and support, and can help to reduce back pain during the night. 

Grandeur Plush

The Grandeur Plush is a microfibre pillow. A microfibre pillow is a good option if you’re looking for a pillow that isn’t too hard or too soft and provides proper support for a good night’s sleep.

While there are many pillow options available, when it comes to selecting the RIGHT pillow for you, it can get a little overwhelming. However it’s always important to remember that a good quality pillow will last longer and help you sleep better! 

So upgrade you pillow and improve your sleep, today!