Did you know that we spend one third of our lives in bed? 

That’s a lot of time – time that your body needs to recover from the stress it experiences in its waking hours. Therefore it is essential to ensure that we choose only the best mattresses to suit our needs and the needs of our family.

At Sealy, we take pride in mastering the craft of creating the perfect mattress for the best sleep possible. A great amount of time is spent ensuring that every detail of our mattresses meet the need for your first class sleep. 

So how do you then choose your perfect mattress?

Well, here’s a list of things to ask yourself when looking for the right mattress to welcome into your home. 

When to replace your mattress?

Most mattresses last between 7-9 years depending on the quality and material used. As mattresses don’t specifically have an expiry date, it may not prompt you to replace your current one.

We may even be accustomed to the little dents, dips, tears and lumps in our mattresses and have learnt how to sleep around it. It may be a reality for many people to toss and turn or wake up with discomfort but never see it as a need to change their mattress. If this is you, it’s time to level up your quality of sleep and start looking around for better comfort you deserve.

Here’s why you should choose a Sealy that secures you a 10 year guarantee:

Patented Technology– The ReSTii, SRxii coil all made of Titanium alloy for superior comfort, support and the correct spinal alignment when you sleep.

Tested 8000 hours for your perfect 8 hours- The sleep experts at Sealy spent tireless hours in vigorous product testing to produce exceptional quality and durability.

Collaboration with Top Orthopaedic Surgeons & Clinicians– The Sealy Orthopedic Advisory Board was established to constantly develop and innovate our products that will help contribute to consumers’ orthopedic health and provide more restful, recuperative sleep.

Does Size Matter?

Everyone has different preferences when it comes to mattress sizes. It’s important to consider how much space you have in the bedroom, who’s sleeping in the bed and what comfort means to you.

There may be more things to consider when you’re buying for a growing family & children. Whether you want to purchase a mattress for couples, children or the elderly, we always advise to go for the biggest mattress size the bedroom can fit.

Here’s a size guideline to assist you

Standard mattress sizeWidth x Length
King183cm x 190cm
Queen 152cm x 190cm
Super single107cm x 190cm

Your Sealy can also be customised for sizes up to 213cm (width) x 213cm (length). Please visit our website and drop us an e-mail or visit your nearest Sealy Store to know more.

Technology and Quality

We may like a mattress upon feeling how comfortable it is but our definition of comfort may be fleeting over time. Apart from just feeling a mattress’s comfort, what increases the longevity of a quality mattress is it’s technology. It’s worth taking the time to know the mechanics beneath the surface of the mattress when afterall, it is what’s inside the mattress that is supporting our body. 

To know more about our patented technology, visit here.


We pride ourselves as a brand that’s constantly testing, improving and refining to reach the standard of support and comfort people’s bodies demand. If it’s a Sealy, best to know you’re getting the benefit of 8000 hours of testing to guarantee you exceptional quality and durability that will last at least 10 years.


As mentioned before, the longevity of the mattress does depend heavily on the materials used. Here are some of quality materials that a Sealy is made out of:


The SRx® Ti coils are made from Titanium alloy, a light but very strong metal that adds extra durability. Twice tempered coils retain 98% of their original height and support characteristic for the life of your mattress.

Pressure Relieving Materials

Sealy’s Product Architecture Principles have been established to ensure all layers work together harmoniously over time. Layers of premium foams conform and mould to your body, providing pressure-relieving conformance when you need it most.


Sealy’s exclusive ComfortCore® is an extra layer of support through the centre third of the mattress, providing extra conformance in the important lumbar region of the lower back. The additional density in the centre third also improves the durability of the comfort system.


A smart textile fabric treatment that responds only when it’s needed to disperse heat and moisture so you can sleep more comfortably.

An Investment For Your Wellbeing 

Mattresses aren’t small investments and you would want one that’s worth every ringgit. You may have allocated a sum of money and attempt to find the most suitable within that range. But remember that an investment in good sleep goes a long way. Good sleep paves the way to a good day!  

Sealy often has seasonal promotions if you’re looking for great deals (and it often comes with complimentary gifts too!) Always feel free to inquire and check our website to find your perfect Sealy.

Identify How You Sleep 

Sealy has a mattress for everyone. Simply identify the kind of sleeper you are, and voila! We’ll have a mattress for you! 

Stomach Sleepers

If you often sleep on your stomach, it is common advice to maintain a neutral spine and reduce the angled position of your neck. If your mattress does not provide enough support, then your hips may end up sinking into it, putting your spine in an uncomfortable position. So, avoid mattresses that are too soft. A firm or medium-firm mattress is your best choice.

Back Sleepers

Sleeping on your back spreads your weight fairly evenly across the mattress. For the best support possible while sleeping on your back, a medium to medium-firm mattress is your best choice. 

However, you’re not too limited when it comes to mattress feels since your spine is already in a neutral position, so foam, spring, or hybrid mattresses should be fine for you.

Side sleepers

Side sleepers should go for mattresses with a soft-to-medium firmness level. Sleeping on your side may cause pressure on your shoulder and hip joints, which is why a softer mattress that conforms to your body position is better. For this reason, foam or hybrid mattresses tend to be better for side sleepers than spring or coil ones.

With our range of feels in every collection, we make it easy for you to find your perfect match. However, we cannot guarantee that it’ll be easy for you to leave your bed in to kick start the morning!

Guarantee vs warranty

Owning a Sealy doesn’t only secure you a warranty for your product but a guarantee of the best quality in our products, services and consumer satisfaction.

Sealy’s 10 Year Guarantee

Every Sealy Posturepedic is built just for you and is made to last. Thanks to the Sealy Guarantee, you will be able to enjoy your mattress for at least ten years – and if cared for properly, it will probably last much longer. 

This guarantee covers coils or wires in the mattress that are loose, broken, protruding or torn. It also covers the foundation if wood splits in the frame, modules compress, legs and castors fail, or foundation wires break through any fabric.

With this guarantee, you can rest assured that you will have a mattress in good working condition for the next decade.

For more information, please visit http://sealy.com.my/guarantee/

Try it For Yourself!

While there are many ways to identify the right mattress, nothing beats trying it for yourself! 

Experience the true comfort of a Sealy mattress at our Sealy Sleep Boutiques. Our Sealy Sleep Experts will be more than happy to journey with you through your decision making process and provide you with all the information you need. 

So, make an appointment at sealy.com.my/experience-sealy to experience the maximum comfort and support that Sealy can give you!