When you’re looking for any best mattress stores in Malaysia, your choice is often narrowed down to the select few. Among those, Sealy naturally tops the list of Malaysians preferred mattress choice. Before we look into reasons that distinguished our brand from other competitors, we’ll like to bring you the founding story of Sealy.

History Of Sealy

The brand Sealy was derived from the town of Sealy in Texas. It was 1881 when its founder Daniel Haynes, a cotton gin builder began making cotton-filled mattresses for his friends. His venture took a positive turn in 1889, where his invention of the cotton-compression machine enables others to manufacture mattresses under the brand Sealy.

For decades, Sealy continues to produce high-quality mattresses that offer comfort to families in the US. In 1952, Sealy introduced Posturepedic Technology that includes technological innovation in its mattresses that enhance support for a better sleep experience. Today, the consistent quality has seen Sealy growing across the boundary of America to making its presence felt global.

Why Sealy Is Among Reliable Mattress Stores In Malaysia?

A store that offers the lowest price isn’t necessary the best place to shop. Instead, Sealy is preferred by customers due to these reasons.

1. Quality

Our customers are tired of subpar quality mattresses that are sold at a premium price. At Sealy, we never compromise on quality as that is the pillar of trust in our business. Each of the mattresses sold to our customers is manufactured in the US and subjected to rigorous testing to ensure it is as good as we claimed.

2. Innovation

Innovation is a word that’s constantly humming at Sealy. Since the inception of the company, our mattresses are innovated continuously to deliver the best sleep experience to our customers. In 1950, Sealy was endorsed by top orthopedic surgeons in the US. A couple of years later, the Posturepedic Technology was developed.

This proprietary technology helps to differentiate Sealy from other competing brands. Our mattresses were constructed to provide additional support and comfort to the back of sleepers, making it a hit with growing populations with back pain problems.

3. Comfort

Whether it is differing sleeping style, or having your sleep interrupted when your spouse moves, Sealy range of mattresses is the ideal solution. Our Flagship collection used unique titanium coils and layered with gel-infused viscoelastic foam to ensure a soundless sleep regardless of your sleeping position.

It also minimizes motion transfer so that spouses enjoy a rejuvenating sleep that is not interrupted by movements.

4. Value

The cheapest mattress in town is unlikely to be the best, at least that’s what our customers reported. Rather than purely comparing on price, Sealy is all about delivering massive value to our customers. We never over-promise nor under-deliver.

With that being said, Sealy Malaysia continually launches promotions where you can enjoy Sealy mattresses at the best value. And we trust you could find one from our ranges of mattresses that could fit your budget.

5. Service

We knew how frustrated it could be when you’re getting inaccurate information from a salesperson who is not well trained. Or being turned away when you are having issues with your mattress. At Sealy, nothing can stand between our customers from getting top-notch service they deserved.

Our team at any of Sealy’s best mattress stores in Malaysia are well trained not only in attending to your needs but also in the delicate knowledge of Sealy mattresses.

6. Choices

If you’ve spent precious time browsing for mattresses in a few retailers and are limited by options, try visiting your Sealy best mattress store. In Malaysia, we offer four distinct collections, Flagship, Luxury, Premium, and Classic.

With different models within each collection, you’ll be spoilt for choices whether you’re looking to pamper yourself in comfort or require a quality mattress with minimal features.

7. Guarantee

As a leading mattress brand, Sealy has always strived for perfection. As much as we pride ourselves in delivering the best mattress, we back our words with a 10-year guarantee for all the model in our range.

We wanted our customers to have a peace of mind when buying a mattress from Sealy. Besides that, it’s also the best testament to our superior quality.

8. Sleep Trial

How do you know if you’ve got the ideal mattress before you even tried sleeping on it? You don’t. That’s why we have setup Sealy Sleep Boutique in major store around Malaysia. Instead of relying on guess works or hearsay, we encourage you to call up one of the boutiques to arrange for a sleep trial session. Nothing beats the real experience itself when choosing a mattress.

Tips When You Choose To Buy A Mattress

While we feature a unique collection of mattresses in our stores nationwide, we recognize that each individual’s requirements are different. To get the best fitting mattress for your home, here are a few things that you can convey to our personnel.

1. Health Concern

do you suffer the most. It helps us to recommend the best model that will offer you restful sleep and wake up rejuvenated.

2. Mattress Size

Leave nothing to chance, especially when you’re getting mattresses for a new home. Get the exact measurement of the space in your room and plan out the size available for the mattress. The difference between a king and queen size can mean leaving no spaces for your dressing table. If in doubt, consult with our friendly personnel.

3. Comfort Level

For light sleepers, having a restful, uninterrupted sleep almost seems like a luxury. If you’re in need of a comfortable mattress that cradles you to sleep, do let your wish be known to our staff. We’ll point you to models that are specially engineered with features that promise rejuvenating sleep.

Stop hunting for the right mattress in the wrong places. Instead, visit any of Sealy’s best mattress stores in Malaysia.