Everyone deserves a designer quality bedroom. From styles to important tips that help elevate your bedroom game, it’s always best to reach out to a professional for his expert advice.

With that in mind, we got up, close and attentive to our in-house Sealy interior designer for some amazing tips and tricks that will help inspire your bedroom designs so you can have better sleep.

Having a comfortable, serene environment that is dedicated to sleep is an essential element to encourage behavioural changes for better sleep. So try these simple tips to help you potentially fall asleep quicker and get better quality rest.

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Tip 1: Bedroom Lightings

To promote a more restful lighting scheme in your room, it is best to opt for amber hue bulbs like warm white lights. If you can attach a dimmer to your lights, by all means do so, as warm, dim lightings can signal your brain that it’s time to rest.

Avoid: Direct white lights above your bed. Light from the ceiling can cause glare and keep you awake for longer. Instead, have concealed lightings from the ceiling or turn off all your lights when it’s bed time and use wall lamps from the headboard as night lights.

Bonus Tip: Using blackout curtains can keep your room darker longer, best for sleeping in on weekends.

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Tip 2: Smartly Utilising Space

If you have a smaller bedroom, maximise its space by limiting the amount of furniture you have in your room. Clear out unwanted things from your room and make sure you keep things back in its place to avoid unwanted clutter.

Avoid: Keeping work related things in your bedroom. If you need your laptop to work in bed, keep it back where it belongs once you’re done with work. Always remember to keep your bedroom sacredly for rest and sleep only.

Bonus Tip: If you have a lot of things that need to be stored in your bedroom, opt for a bed with storage space, or elevate your bed, so you can thoroughly maximise the storage space underneath it.

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Tip 3: Headboard Designs

If you like sitting up in bed to read or use your laptop, a headboard provides extra support. So instead of leaning against a hard wall, a headboard gives you a comfortable surface to lean on before you fall off to sleep.

Avoid: If you have a smaller bedroom, it’s best to avoid headboards as it can take up valuable space which can be used for other purposes. Alternatively, you can always have a full length feature wall with different combination of material or texture as a headboard.

Bonus Tip: Headboards can be the central piece of your bedroom’s decor. The right one can create an attractive backdrop which will make your bed standout and at the same time help to stabilise your bed and minimise the amount of movement, ensuring that you have a steady base to sleep well all night long.

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Tip 4: Choose Colours Conducive To Sleep

Cool colours like light blue, gray, silver, green, and lavender as well as neutral shades are ideal for the bedroom. These colours have the ability to lower your blood pressure and heart rate to help ensure you have a proper night’s sleep.

Avoid: Experts believe that shades of red should most definitely be avoided. According to a survey, those who had red rooms ms had higher rates of stress compared to those in green or white rooms and an increased blood pressure and heart rate.

Bonus tip: As a general rule, it’s best to avoid painting bedroom walls a dark color. However, dark walls make it easier to sleep in the day. So, shift workers like doctors and nurses may want to keep that in mind.

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Tip 5: Sleep On A Good Mattress

We spend hours each day on our mattresses, so investing in a quality one should be the utmost priority. A good mattress can improve your sleep and thus improve your health.

Avoid: Mattresses that don’t provide both comfort and support. Size matters, so avoid a mattress that is too small and so that should be large enough for you and your bed partner to move easily.