The general consensus believes that change is the most constant thing in life, but we would beg to differ. Besides change, the benefits of sleep have remained constant throughout our lives. That’s why at Sealy, we’ve made it our mission to always encourage first class sleep. 

Just in case you’re wondering, here are some of the amazing benefits you’ll reap when you get the proper 8 hours of quality sleep that you deserve: 

  • Natural mood enhancers 
  • Better skin 
  • Better health
  • Stronger immunity 
  • Muscle repair
  • Weight loss 
  • Improved memory 
  • Increased productivity 
  • Improved quality of life 

While sleep is necessary for a healthy life, too often we allow other factors to come between us and our beauty sleep. Whether it’s work, chores, socialising or just Netflix, we tend to find ourselves constantly choosing to sacrifice our sleep time for “a little more time” to do something else. 

Getting good quality sleep is probably the simplest form of taking care of yourself, it’s no hassle and it’s perfectly FREE. Establishing a sleep routine that works for you can help you get the recommended amount of sleep each night. So this Father’s Day, treat yourself with a proper 8 hours sleep and here’s how can start making way for some quality sleep in your busy schedule. 

Prioritise Wellness 

The lack of sleep puts you at risk of a host of health issues which include obesity, stroke, and heart disease. Therefore it is essential to always maintain a healthy lifestyle, eat well, sleep well and live well. Schedule in time for at least a half an hour exercise session daily, be it at home or at the gym. Alternatively you can brisk walk to achieve your 10k steps everyday. 

Don’t worry about moving at a slower pace, the most important thing to do is to start slowly. Eventually, you’ll sink in to it and you’ll get faster and enjoy it better! It will become a part of your life! 

Eat Smart 

One of the most common sleep issues in adults are indigestion, gastric attacks and nausea. Fortunately, these issues can be solved by focusing on readjusting not only your meal times, but also on what you eat for dinner. So don’t have your last meal too close to bedtime, and concentrate on having a more nutritious meal that includes melatonin-based foods like bananas, oatmeal, fruits, nuts, cucumber, tomatoes, and fish. Avoid caffeinated drinks, alcohol, sugary foods and spicy foods just before bed to keep uneasy tummies at bay. Remember, keep your meals simple, and if possible, keep it light. 

De-Stress Before Bed 

Do you find yourself lying in bed stressing about everything that has happened earlier in the day or fearing what’s to come in the days ahead? These anxious thoughts are one of the major contributors to the lack of sleep. Therefore it is important to ensure you find a way to de-stress before you head out to sleep. There are many things you can consider from yoga to meditation, enjoying a book or listening to your favourite music, or you can even keep a journal or practice deep breathing exercises to clear your head enough, to will allow you to wind down peacefully. 

Establish A Work Cut Off Time 

While we may be committed to our jobs, allowing it to intrude into our personal space is very unhealthy. So once work is done, learn to shut down and tune out. Make it known to your office that time off work is important to keep your mental health in check and that you should be allowed time to enjoy other things in life, and prioritise family time.  

Set Up A Healthy Sleep Environment 

Make your room a sleep sanctuary and reserve it only for sleeping and intimate moments. So keep your room neat and tidy. Put away things that may get in the way of your sleep. Prepare a separate bed for your pets outside your room, and do not allow them to share your bed. Keep the noise level in your bedroom low, and use warm lights to create just the right ambience that’ll help you fall off to sleep. Additionally, you can leave a humidifier in your room and run it at night to add moisture into the air and prevent dryness that can cause irritation while you sleep. 

Establish A Set Bed Time 

Creating a habit takes time to sink in and the first few days are the hardest. So start by setting a bed time that’s easier to adapt to, and slowly adjust it to get earlier so that you can fulfil the required 8 hours sleep. Work backwards from the time you are required to wake up, and keep yourself accountable to sleeping and waking up the same time, everyday!  

Consistency Is Key 

No matter what we do in life, being able to make a difference in something takes a lot of discipline and consistency. So keep a schedule and set your alarms to alert you of your meal times, sleep time and time to wake up. It may take some time to find your groove, but once you get a hang of it, you’ll see everything fall into place and change for the better. 

Life will always be busy and work will always be demanding, but how you respond to it can make a difference. In fact, the more life demands of you, the more important it is to ensure you get adequate rest. Remember to always make sleep a priority. When you recognise that there are consequences to long-term lack of sleep, you’ll learn to prioritise sleep, and subsequently be on your way to a healthier, happier lifestyle! 

Happy Daddy’s Day to all our heroes! May you enjoy this day with the ones you love and be treated to restful sleep this weekend!