While you may not be able to jet off to your favourite holiday destination at the moment, you can still turn your room into a luxurious hotel suite for a fragment of the price.

Now, think back to your favourite hotel. What made it unforgettable? How different is it from your own bedroom?

From floral scented rooms, to turn down services, here are some simple changes you can make that’ll turn your bedroom into a luxurious hotel suite.


Clutter often leads to stress and anxiety. Therefore, hotel suites avoid over-cluttering their surfaces apart from their usual bedside lamps and notepads. So put things back where they belong, keep your room surfaces clear and then enjoy your serene space in a clutter free room.

Let The Natural Light In

While luxury hotels keep their room ambience romantic and dreamy, they also always have beautiful landscapes to focus on when the drapes are open. So in the day time, open up your windows and let the fresh air and natural light in. Alternatively, you can diffuse some honeydew, rose or cedarwood essential oils to help make your luxury hotel suite dream feel like a reality.

Fresh Sheets

Getting your bed linens laundered on a regular basis is one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to ensure that your bed remains a welcoming environment. Alternatively, you can spritz your sheets with refreshing scents to help you fall asleep peacefully.

Fluffy Pillows

Fluffy pillows are a must at any luxurious hotel suite. So find the perfect fluffy pillow that holds its shape and supports your neck, and then experience how well they compliment your fresh sheets for the perfect sleep.

Black Out Blinds

Sleep is precious, especially in a hotel suite. And that’s why the best hotel rooms come equipped with black out curtains that block out all the sunshine so you can sleep in as late as you like. So invest in dark or black out curtains that can keep the sun out on days you feel like sleeping in.

Bedside Lamps

Having a lamp at your bedside provides a warm and cosy ambience to your room. At night, it’s nice to have a small light on while you immerse yourself in your favourite novel before bed. And in the morning, it’s nice to turn on the lamp to check on the time before opening your drapes.

Take Time To Turndown

One thing that stands out in a luxury suite is the turndown service which makes us feel privileged and taken care of. So draw the blinds, light up some scented candles, fold out half of your sheets, set out your plush bedroom slippers and to add to the ambience, leave some of your favourite chocolates on top of your bed too. Then slip into a plush robe and enjoy your own DIY turndown service.

Recreate Room Service

One of the privileges of being in a luxury hotel suite is having breakfast in bed. So have yourself that Saturday morning breakfast in bed and do it with style! Indulge in a stack of pancakes drizzled in honey, with a side of fresh cut fruits, orange juice and oven baked croissants. And if you’re not heading out anywhere, then why not spice it up with a tall glass of bubbly!

The Perfect Bed

Now, this tip doesn’t require much but it does however take a little extra effort from you in your morning routine. Having a made bed doesn’t only set you off on your day right, but it also gives you a cosy, warm welcoming feeling when you come back to your room at the end of the day.

Additionally, beds and mattresses rank highly when it comes to their contribution to the comfort of a hotel suite. Both adults and children would agree that diving right into the suite bed allows them to experience the warm and comforting embrace of the perfect mattress. So for the best sleep in the comfort of your own home, invest in a good mattress or better still look out for retail programmes by your favourite hotel where you can purchase the same mattress to bring that first class suite sleep right into your room!

Don’t Forget Your Bathroom

Whether you have an attached bathroom or not, giving it the same luxurious treatment will
extend the extravagant feeling even more – after all, one of the best parts of checking into a hotel suite is taking advantage of the spa products and the generous hot showers. So dress up your bathroom with your favourite bath products and if you have a tub, set up some nice bath bombs and salts and enjoy your time in the bathroom. Don’t forget to have your bathrobe and slippers to complete that experience too.