The hospitality industry in Malaysia is highly competitive, with hotels of all sizes vying for a share of local and foreign visitors. While top-notch services will keep guests coming back for more, the choice of mattress used in a hotel could be as equally decisive.

What Makes A Good Mattress For Hotels

There are no excuses for having your guests sleeping in a low-quality mattress, regardless of the size of the hotel that you’re operating. The right mattress is one that your guest wakes up to rejuvenated and probably better than home.

So what qualifies as a good mattress for hotels?

1. Comfort

Choosing a mattress in Malaysia for hotels is drastically different than for individuals. Each of your guests has different sleeping positions, and you can’t get a mattress that’s tailored for a particular sleeping position. A good mattress for hotel offers comfort regardless of the individual. It has to be way above the average mattress that you could get at regular retailers.

2. Easy To Clean

The last thing you want is the housekeeping team spending too much time cleaning the mattress. Hotel mattresses should be reasonably easy to clean and requires little to no maintenance.

3. Sturdiness

A sagging mattress is bound to attract complaints as guests struggled to sleep on it. The same goes for mattresses that are shaky, especially at the edges. You wouldn’t want guests falling over the mattress especially in the middle of the night. Such mishaps often lead to negative reviews that hotels could ill afford.

4. Movement Resistance

Couples who are visiting the hotel would appreciate if they are not interrupted by the tossing and turning of their partner. This makes choosing mattresses that are motion resistance important. Happy couples often mean recurrent visits and make investing in movement resistance mattresses a wise decision.

5. Durability

The hotel industry in Malaysia is very competitive. At times, the slightest increase in expenses can make a massive difference to the bottom line. When choosing a mattress for hotels, you’ll want to ensure that they are durable. It’s fair to expect the mattresses to last a minimum of 10 years before any replacements are needed.

The Importance Of Choosing Leading Hotel Mattress Suppliers In Malaysia

When you’re in the hospitality industry, customer satisfaction takes the number one priority, regardless of whether you’re operating homestay or managing an international 5-star hotel chain. To ensure that complaints are at their lowest, you’ll need to impress your guest with your amenities and services.

In simple words, you’ll want to make your guest feel at home in the hotel. Besides tempting them with spas, and delicacies, the mattress is one of the most critical aspects for any hoteliers. It is where your guest spends the most time resting and recuperating during their stay.

To leave a lasting impression, you’ll want to invest in quality merit mattresses for the hotel. This is why hotel operators should be prudent in choosing their reliable suppliers for hotel mattress in Malaysia. When the comfort of your guests is at stake, price-based decision making often results in a batch of low-quality mattresses.

Seeking out the leading suppliers for hotel mattress in Malaysia eliminates the risk of getting the wrong mattresses. Professional suppliers have ample experience in the industry and understand of what constitutes a good mattress for hotels. More importantly, leading suppliers have experience dealing with end customers, and they understand the exact type of mattresses that delivers the most comfort.

Seeking hotel mattress suppliers that are market leaders in their own right in Malaysia may require careful evaluation. But this is less costly than turning off guests because of sub-quality mattresses. Once you’ve established a reliable supplier, your problems with mattresses are well-taken care off.

Why Sealy Is Among The Leading Hotel Mattress Suppliers In Malaysia?

Your search for a reputable supplier in Malaysia that supplies good quality mattress ends with Sealy and for good reasons. Our history of mattress manufacturing stretches back to the late 1800s. The founder of Sealy, Daniel Haynes, started making the first mattress in 1881. Sealy continued to grow in the following decades and introduced the Posturepedic Technology in 1952.

The technological innovation that was introduced to Sealy mattresses gained recognition from top orthopedic surgeon in the US. As the leading hotel mattress suppliers in Malaysia, Sealy manufactured every single mattress in the US and subjects them to rigorous testing for quality assurance.

Regardless of the type of your hotel, you’ll find the ideal mattress from the Sealy collections. Our top range of mattress, namely the Sealy Flagship collection is constructed with sturdy titanium coils and layered with gel-infused viscoelastic foam. Not only that, but it also featured Posturepedic design that delivers optimal comfort for guests with back pain problems.

Besides our top of the range model, Sealy also offers high-quality mattresses that are of various built and features. Hotels that are operating on a tight budget could also find suitable mattresses that meet their financial allocation without compromising on quality and comfort.

When it comes to mattresses, our team are adequately trained, and we have served numerous hotel clients in Malaysia. Sealy is in the right position to advise and recommend the best mattresses that your guests would love to sleep in. In fact, it is our professional team that puts us way ahead of our competitors in Malaysia.

We understand that a low-quality mattress results in unhappy guests and a fragile mattress results in frequent replacements. Besides comfort, Sealy mattresses are built to last, and you can expect any of our mattresses to last for a minimum of 10 years. In fact, any Sealy mattresses are protected by a 10 years guarantee.

At Sealy, we believe that the best mattress is one that you’ve tried out personally before making a purchase. With Sealy Sleep Boutique, you could test out your preferred mattress to ensure that you’re comfortable with the choice before recommending to the hotel management.

Still wondering which mattress is the right choice for your hotel? Talk to our experts at Sealy now.