The History

Sealy, designed for a better night’s sleep was born in 1881 in a small Texan town called Sealy. Daniel Haynes, a cotton gin builder, found a better way of baling cotton into mattresses and started making cotton filled mattresses for his friends. His cotton padded mattresses were so popular that they soon became famously known as the “mattress from Sealy”. Haynes later sold his business, and the company that acquired the business registered and trademarked the name “Sealy”.

In 1950, Sealy Posturepedic was born. It was developed out of a collaboration with leading orthopaedic surgeons and it was the only mattress at that time that focused on the importance of correct back support. In no time, Sealy became the leading bedding brand with ongoing investment and research to create the best sleep system ever!

Over the years Sealy has grown to be a global leading mattress brand that focuses on the research and advancement development of quality sleep technology to deliver only the best sleep experience with all the right support you need.

The Assurance of Quality

While all mattresses may look the same, Sealy stands superior. When you take a closer look and examine the design and quality of every component that makes the bed, you’ll see that they are worlds apart.

Sealy’s decades of research and development have brought tremendous success and popularity to their products. With cutting edge patented technology, Sealy’s mattresses have the perfect balance of correct support and weight distribution combined with premium quality materials.

Every component that makes up a Sealy, from foams, to coils to every bell and whistle are subjected to simulated time, wear and fatigue testing. Sealy never compromises on its quality and takes pride in ensuring that only the best is given to each and every Sealy mattress that leaves the factory.

The World’s No.1 Selling Mattress

Sealy is currently the number one choice of bedding for people around the world and has held the title of World’s No.1 Selling Mattresses for over 30 years! In the past 140 years since its existence, 100 million people worldwide have experience the benefits of first class sleep from Sealy’s superior support, outstanding comfort and top-notched durability.

When you buy a Sealy, you can be sure that every mattress meets the highest standards with no compromises!

Quick reasons why you should own a Sealy:

· When you purchase a Sealy, you are choosing the World’s Most Trusted Mattress Brand
· Each component that makes up a Sealy is of premium quality
· Every Sealy mattress is highly durable, so you can enjoy your mattress for many years to come
· The Sealy Posturepedic features orthopedically correct designs to give you all the support you need to relief uncomfortable pressure points
· Trialled and tested by millions of people worldwide, and have gotten the seal of approval
· Sealy continues to focus on research and technology innovation to better understand the nature of sleep
· For peace of mind, Sealy offers a 10 year guarantee on all Sealy Posturepedic beds
· When you own a Sealy, you know you’ll be on your way to enjoying First Class sleep!