Sleep, or rather the lack of, is a growing concern amongst populations in major cities. This is true for busy hustlers in cities like Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Johor Bahru. Often, the remedy for a good night sleep is replacing your mattress with a new one.

But before you discard your mattress away, it’s important to understand that only the premium quality mattress will make a difference in improving your sleep experience. The question is where do you find best quality mattress in Malaysia?

A cheap bargain can be attractive especially when you’re visiting one of the many trade expos in Malaysia. But when choosing an ideal mattress, you’ll want to consider other factors. What may constitute as ideal for one individual may not be so for another.

Ultimately, the determining factors of ideal mattresses boil down to quality, comfort, and support. This is what Sealy is all about.

Why Sealy Has The Best Quality Mattress In Malaysia

Sealy is arguably one of the most renowned brands in the world when it comes to mattresses. Our company was founded in 1881, with the aim of producing premium mattresses to provide a great sleeping experience.

In 1952, science and innovation have taken Sealy to the next level. The Posturepedic Technology was introduced as a result of research by our team of sleep experts. It was the beginning of an era where Sealy incorporates ergonomic features into a mattress to provide intricate support for the human body.

Today, you can expect to get the ideal mattress in any of Sealy mattress stores in Malaysia. Here’s a clearer picture of what you can expect from our mattresses.

1. Therapeutic Support

If back pain has been keeping you from getting soundless sleep, you know that merely getting a firm mattress is not enough. That’s because studies have proven that the firmest mattresses are not ideal for back pain and your spine needs to be supported at the right part.

Sealy’s Posturepedic range of mattresses is built to provide enhanced support for your body where it matters. You’ll find that a zone of additional foam supports your lower back, hips and core of your body. With the pressure eases off on sensitive parts of your body, you’ll find relief for your back pain.

2. Unrivaled Comfort

On average, an individual spent 8 hours sleeping on a mattress. It makes sense that you’ll prioritize comfort over other additional features when choosing a mattress. Sealy range mattresses are reputable for its unrivaled comfort. This is true regardless of your sleeping style, or whether you’re shopping for a single or queen size mattress.

Thanks to the continuous innovation by Sealy, our mattresses are built to fit individuals with varying sleeping style. Our top of the range Flagship collection is constructed with sturdy titanium coils and infused memory foam to make sleep an enjoyable experience.

Regardless of whether you’re a back sleeper or side sleeper, Sealy mattresses will cradle you as you sleep.

3. Durability

Another hallmark of the astounding quality mattress, especially those offered by Sealy is the extreme lifespan it boasts. Each of the mattresses sold in Malaysia is manufactured in the US. The mattresses are constructed from the finest material and undergone stringent tests to ensure they comply with our quality standards.

How To Choose The Best Quality Mattress

Despite the superior quality mattresses of Sealy, the right mattress for individual may be subjective and often depends on their requirements. Here are some specific conditions that demand additional consideration when choosing a mattress.

1. Individuals Suffering From Back Pain

For individuals with back pain, getting the right matter is a choice between suffering and relief. The notion that a firm mattress is ideal for people with back pain is misleading. Studies have proven that medium-firm offers the most comfort for people with back pain. Check out our Posturepedic range of mattresses that are built to alleviate back pain.

2. The Elderly

If you have senior family members in your home, you know how important sleep is for their health and how they sometimes struggle with sleep. With aching bodies due to aging, you’ll want a mattress that supports their spine and posture comfortably. The mattress should also prevent any heat built-ups to allow seniors a comfortable night of sleep.

3. Pregnant Women

It’s tough for pregnant mom, especially when they have to deal with hormone change, and aching that comes with it. When shopping for a mattress for your pregnant spouse, you’ll want to get one built for side sleepers, as that’s the common sleeping position for pregnant women.

Pregnant women also sleep in a hotter environment, and you’ll want to ensure the mattress does not soak up too much heat. A sturdy medium-firm mattress is ideal for pregnant women to stabilize themselves when they woke up to get to the bathroom.

4. Teenagers

Raising teenagers in your home can be challenging, especially when they are going through a growth phase that turns them into demanding young adults. At times, a good mattress that pampers them with comfort may be your salvation from their fluctuating moods.

Getting The Best Quality Mattress In Malaysia

A common advice that we share with our customers is to take any information you found about mattresses with a doubt. There are many intricate details that may influence your decision when shopping for a mattress.

The best way to check out if a mattress fits your preference and needs is to actually try sleeping in one. To do that, just arrange a sleep trial with one of our many Sealy Sleep Boutique in Malaysia. We wanted our customers to be comfortable with their choice before committing to it.

Need more help in getting a great mattress for yourself? Talk to our friendly personnel at Sealy now.