Considering that most people spent an average of 8 hours sleeping on their bed, decisions when buying a king size mattress or queen mattress should be made with ample considerations. While it’s tempting to look for bargains especially at home expos, you shouldn’t overlook these factors when shopping for a mattress.

1. King Size Mattress vs. Queen Mattress

In this case, size does matter. You wouldn’t want to purchase a mattress only to find that it took up too much space in the bedroom. It helps to draft out a plan of your room and figure out the space allocated for the mattress. Ensure that there is ample space to move after placing the mattress.

A king size bed measures 183 cm x 190 cm while a queen size measures 152 cm x 190 cm. You’ll want to bear in mind that mattress size may vary depending on the region and country. Ultimately, the choice of whether getting a king or queen size mattress is yours to make.

2. Mattress Type

The next factor that begs your consideration is the mattress type itself. This refers to the construct of the mattress. You’ll find that innerspring, foam and latex mattresses are some of the most common in Malaysia. Innerspring tends to be the most common in most mattresses.

Each type of mattress offers its unique advantages. For instance, inner spring is economical while foam is excellent for individuals with lower back pain. Meanwhile, latex provides effective heat dissipation and is ideal for countries like Malaysia.

We understand that it’s difficult to decide on a particular type of mattress as each of them are beneficial on their own. Our range of mattresses, such as the Sealy Flagship collection uses both ReSTˡˡ® Titanium Coils and a layer of gel-infused viscoelastic to create a hybrid mattress that offers the best comfort.

3. Health Concerns

Considering that you spent a third of your day sleeping in it, your choice of mattress ultimately affects your physical health, especially if you’re past your teenage years. Choosing the right king size mattress or queen mattress is essential, particularly for people struggling with back pain.

The conventional belief is that sleeping on a firm mattress helps to alleviate back pain. However, a clinical study conducted by a group of researchers from Spain has proved otherwise. The results point to a significant reduction of back pain when medium-firm mattresses are used.

Our Sealy Luxury collection of mattresses is designed with layers of sturdy titanium coil and memory foam gel beds to offer the right therapeutic comfort for people with back pain issues.

4. Mattress Firmness

Getting the right mattress firmness matters as it could be the difference between a refreshing night of sleep or tossing and turning in bed. While it’s true that some individuals may prefer soft mattresses and the firmest ones, the majority of individuals sleep soundly on a medium-firm mattress.

When shopping for a mattress, it’s important to check out the underlying construct of the mattress. The use of spring, latex, or foam offers a different level of firmness.

5. Ergonomics Features

When all being equal, ergonomic features built into a mattress often tilt’s a buyer’s decision. For instance, you should consider mattresses made with hypoallergenic material if you are sensitive to allergens. This is mainly a concern for people suffering from dust mites allergies which are common in a warm and humid country like Malaysia.

While you may be comfortable sleeping in a particular mattress, you shouldn’t neglect the comfort of your partner, especially if he or she is a light sleeper. Mattresses that are built with minimum motion transfer helps to prevent waking up your partner as you change position.

6. Try It Out

Whether you’re opting for a king size mattress or queen mattress, we recommend trying out for yourself to experience the real comfort and sensation. Do not be convinced by what you are being told as individual preferences may differ when it comes to the perfect mattress.

It will be a waste of time ( and sometimes money) if you’re talked into buying a mattress and realizes that you wake up feeling worse than ever. This is why we offer a trial sleep for our customers in a showroom to ensure that they make the right decision.

7. Ask About Warranty

After all the due diligence is done, you’ll expect to that your new mattress is durable and free from defect. However, you shouldn’t leave that to chance but check with the mattress vendor for the warranty offered. Any credible mattress manufacturers will include a minimum of 10 years warranty.

Ensure that you read the fine prints of the terms of the warranty. Most manufacturers only cover manufacturing defects on the mattress and foundation. It’s prudent to protect your mattress from stain with a good mattress protector and ensure proper usage. This helps to prolong the lifespan of the mattress.

8. Budget

A comfortable night of sleep may be priceless, but that doesn’t mean that you should spend beyond your means on a king size bed or a queen size bed. Every feature that is designed into a mattress naturally increases the cost.

When buying a mattress, consider the top priority and set a budget that you’re comfortable with. Some people may need a minimal mattress that our Sealy Classic selection may offer. Never hesitate to discuss your requirements and budget when shopping for a mattress.

9. Get Your Mattress From Industry Experts

Opinions, especially inaccurate ones can influence your purchasing decision. Buying a mattress may seem like a one-off process, but it is, in fact, a long-term service. Besides your current needs for a comfortable mattress, you may undergo changes in the short future that may alter your sleeping habits.

To ensure that you’re well informed with the right facts, talk to industry experts who are specialized in mattresses. With over 130 years of experience manufacturing top quality mattresses, Sealy has a well-trained team to guide you in choosing the right king size mattress or queen mattress.