In Malaysia, urban life is transforming at a rapid pace. Hectic lifestyle and work stress demand that you get a restful night of sleep to rejuvenate yourself. Just as you’re reading this, you realize that ordinary mattresses no longer guarantee you the refreshing sleep that you need.

Enter Sealy, a century-old brand name that is rapidly gaining the attention of modern Malaysians. Sealy was founded by a cotton gin builder, Daniel Haynes, who built the first Sealy mattress in 1881. In 1889, he invented the cotton-compressing machine, which he licensed out to others to produce mattresses that were sold under the brand Sealy.

In 1952, Sealy introduced its hallmark Posturepedic Technology that is aimed to enhance the sleeping experience through cutting-edge innovations. Made and rigorously tested in the US, Quality, comfort, and support has always been the pillars that drove Sealy beds to global presence today.

Why Sealy Mattress & Beds Are The Best In Malaysia?

Sealy beds distinguished itself from other competing brands in Malaysia in terms of quality, comfort, and durability. Rather than making general, unsupported claims, here are what made Sealy a trusted brand in the bedding industry.

1. Mattress Construct

One of the main dilemmas faced by Malaysians when shopping for a mattress is what it is made off. Innerspring seems to favor those who are budget-constrained, but memory foam attracts people who suffered from back pain.

Rather than forcing our customers into making difficult fundamental choices, we brought together the best of each element into Sealy beds. For instance, our Sealy Flagship collections use titanium spring and visco-elastic foam for optimized comfort.

2. Firmness

It was a misconception that the firmest mattress is ideal for individuals who are suffering from back pain. Instead, studies have discovered that medium-firm mattresses are the best for relieving back pain and promoting restful sleep.

Our Posturepedic Technology was based on research not only conform to proven statistics but also caters a unique design that provides more foam support in the middle so that your back gets the support it sorely needed.

3. Comfort

You may have come across advice that suggests a particular type of mattress that fits a specific sleeping style. At Sealy, we refuse to be constrained by the limitation. Instead, our high-quality mattress and beds will be perfectly comfortable regardless of your sleeping positions. This made us an ideal choice, both for single individuals and couples who have differing sleeping style.

4. Motion Transfer Resistance

Ever get interrupted in the middle of the night because your spouse was getting up for a drink? That won’t happen with Sealy range of mattresses. Our mattresses are designed to isolate any accidental forces and prevent it from disturbing your partner. As a result, couples who have chosen Sealy mattresses reported an uninterrupted night of sleep.

5. Durability

We knew it’s a painful financial experience if your mattress starts breaking apart after only a couple of years. This happens when the mattress is poorly constructed and uses inferior materials. With our quality mattress and beds, you won’t find yourself in this predicament.

It is no coincidence that the Sealy brand has grown from strength to strength and remain competitive for over 130 years. Quality is our utmost priority, and we backed our claims with a 10 years guarantee for any of our mattress collections.

6. Top Notch Service

One of the vital secrets to our growing presence in Malaysia is our top notch customer service. While it’s true that our quality mattress and beds are designed with the latest innovation, our service personnel ensure that customers picked the right model that suits their requirements and budget.

In order to assist our customers to make the right decision, we go to the extent of setting up trial sleep sessions at our showroom across the countries. We simply believe that you should be happy with your mattress before you commit to it financially.

How To Choose The Perfect Mattress For Yourself?

When you’re choosing a mattress made by Sealy, you’re not making a choice between comfort and price, because each model is built to deliver an unprecedented level of comfort to the user. Instead, you’re choosing the underlying features that suit your requirements.

In Malaysia, there are four collections of quality Sealy mattress & beds offered by our company, namely the Flagship, Luxury, Premium, and Classic.

The Sealy Flagship collection offers top range ergonomic features that will literally pamper you as you sleep. It boats Sealy’s unique ReSTˡˡ® Titanium Coils to maximum stability and support for the body.

Innovative SRxˡˡ® Titanium Coils and gel-infused memory foam brought sturdiness and comfort to a new level with Sealy Luxury Collection. Meanwhile, the Sealy Premium series offers the right depth of support with innovative technology.

Individuals who prefer quality mattress and beds with minimalist features can opt for the Classic collections which have all it needs to deliver a perfect sleep. Regardless of your choice, our commitment to quality is marked by a 10 years guarantee.

Of course, we understand that getting the ideal mattress is more than making decisions based on specifications and benefits that you read on our website. You should also seek out independent reviews in forums and blogs that mostly shows customer’s satisfaction with our products and services.

Last but not least, you ought to measure the space in your room, if you’re moving to a new home, or to change to a larger size mattress. As much as the comfort that our mattress offer, we wouldn’t want it to take up all the spaces in your room.

Where Can You Get Sealy Mattress In Malaysia?

Nothing beats experiencing the real deal itself when it comes to choosing a mattress. Our growth in Malaysia is marked by our presence in major cities across the country. You can find our mattresses sold at major retailers.

Alternatively, you can visit the various Sealy Sleep Studios and Boutiques for a personal consultation with our team, or arrange a sleep trial session before making your decision.