Best Place To Buy A Mattress Malaysia

Chances are, most Malaysians have experienced shopping for a mattress at generic furniture retailer, as the promises of a bargain and freebies are hard to resist. Coupled with slick salesmanship, you may end up forking out hard earned cash for a mattress that turns out to be rather average when you slept on it for the first time.

Unlike what you may believe, the best place to buy a mattress in Malaysia is not at a random furniture retailer, if getting a refreshing night of sleep is what you’re looking for. Instead, a mattress specialist company like Sealy has all the experience in guiding you to a mattress that fits your requirement.

Why Choosing The Right Mattress Matters

What’s the fuss all over choosing a mattress? Is there a need to go through all the hassle of consultation and trial just to land the right one? These are some questions that may pop up on your mind when you’re shopping for a mattress.

The short answer is yes. There is a whole world of difference between choosing the right mattress and one of inferior quality. And here are some good reasons that beg your consideration.

1. Back Pain

One of the leading health concerns faced by Malaysians is back pain, especially adults. While back pain is often caused by incorrect postures, sleeping on regular mattresses often provide no reliefs to the suffering. Failing to support the specific parts of the spine, particularly, the hip, shoulder and the neck can cause the existing condition to be aggravated.

The ideal mattress that helps to alleviate back pain is one that is constructed to medium-firm and specifically designed to provide additional support on the back. It takes off the pressure on the critical point of the spine and prevents heat from building upon those sensitive spots.Such design is the hallmark of Sealy Posturepedic range of mattresses.

2. Comfort

Living in the major cities of Malaysia can be pretty stressful. At the end of the day, most of us would wish for nothing but a rejuvenating night of sleep. The quality of sleep that you received will determine whether you start the next day with vigor or drained of energy.

Science has proven that deep sleep, or REM sleep which happens after 90 minutes of regular sleep stages, is essential in replenishing your energy and regulating your health. It makes sense that the choice of a mattress should be one that allows you to sleep uninterrupted throughout the night.

When it comes to comfort, people with different sleeping positions will need a mattress that is comfortable regardless of how they sleep. The same applies to couples who sleep differently but prioritize on comfort.

3. Allergies

Dust mites are a common concern in Malaysia as they thrive in the warm and humid environment of the country. People who are allergic to dust mites develop symptoms like itchy eyes, coughing and nasal congestion. If there are children in your home who’s suffering dust mites allergy, it became more critical that you choose the right mattress.

Often, these dust mites are well entrenched in regular mattresses. While it is impossible to get rid of dust mites completely, a hypoallergenic mattress prevents their growth and is also hygienic. Cleaning mattresses built to prevent allergens is easy, as it doesn’t require investing vacuum cleaners with high suction power.

4. Durability

Mattresses are not the cheapest investment in your home. When you’ve chosen a mattress, you’ll expect it to last, at least for the coming decade. But that’s not the truth with mattresses made of inferior material. Rather than be convinced by marketing gimmicks, it’s vital that you’ve chosen a durable mattress that’s backed by the manufacturer.

Over 130 years, Sealy has been known to produce mattresses of unprecedented quality. We back our pride on quality with 10 years of guarantee on each range of Sealy mattresses. That’s how serious we are in ensuring each of our customers receives quality Sealy mattresses that are made to last.

Best Place To Buy A Mattress In Malaysia

Rather than purchasing your mattress in a general furniture sale, and risk getting a subpar product, we suggest you visit your nearest Sealy store. That’s right, the best place to buy a mattress in Malaysia is Sealy stores and retailers around the country.

Sealy is a credible brand with over 130 years of history in producing mattresses that prioritize quality, comfort, and support. The first Sealy mattress was made in the US, and so does every single mattress that carries the Sealy brand today. This speaks highly of our strict quality control that spurs our growth throughout the world.

To us, purchasing a mattress is not a grab and go process, but rather an experience that causes a positive impact for a lifetime. Our team is trained to serve by understanding your requirements and concerns when choosing a mattress. The priciest mattress does not necessarily equate the best. Instead, we prioritize on comfort, therapeutic support, and features that suits individuals.

Sealy does not make unwarranted claims that are not backed by research and studies. Every single innovation in our mattresses is aimed to address sleep issues that have troubled individuals throughout the years.

Another reason why the best place to buy a mattress in Malaysia is at Sealy store mainly because of customers can browse through our collections of mattresses personally. We encourage our customers to take the time and experience each mattress before making their choice. Our team is ever ready to offer support and advice when required.

In fact, we understand that trying out the mattress for a couple of minutes is not enough to reflect the real experience of actually sleeping. That’s why we have set up Sealy Sleep Boutique at selected locations in Malaysia. You’ll get to experience what it’s like to properly sleep on a Sealy mattress before you make any financial commitment.

Not sure which mattress is the right fit for your home? Talk to our friendly team of experts at Sealy right now.