Benefits Of Memory Foam Mattress


When shopping for a mattress, you’ll come across various brands claiming the superiority of memory foam or viscoelastic mattress. Apart from knowing that the contour adjusts itself to the shape of a person, there are other advantages of such mattresses that made it a top choice amongst sleepers.


The History Of Memory Foam

You may be surprised to learn that the history of memory foam stretches back to the 1960s. The material was used to produce memory foam mattresses was developed by NASA scientists. The material is known as visco-elastic foam and was initially built for astronauts to minimize the effects of gravitational forces as they leave and re-enter the atmosphere.

The memory foam is made with polyurethane and other chemicals that increase its density and viscosity. A high-density foam soften as the temperature of the foam increases, making it a unique characteristic that plays a vital role in medical applications.

Memory foam has since been applied in various fields, including both medical and consumer applications. In the 90s, the first visco elastic mattress was produced, and its popularity increases over time, thanks to its proven benefits and reduction in the manufacturing cost.


Why Memory Foam Beds Are A Great Choice

For decades, many consumers have benefitted from memory foam beds. If you need further convincing, here are some of the top reasons such mattresses remains a popular choice today.


1. Spinal Alignment

It’s crucial that the entire structure of your spine is well rested when you sleep. Any forces that are exerted on your spine, especially on the shoulder and hip often result in lower back and neck pain.

The memory foam allows the spine to be free from the exerted force by contouring itself to fit individuals weight and body shape. Modern-day mattresses, such as the Sealy Luxury collections, apply a layer of memory foam to ensure the right posture during sleep.


2. Pressure Point Relief

There are multiple points in our bodies that are sensitive to pressures. These pressure points can be the cause of sleep disorders if too much physical stress is focused on them. A memory foam mattress helps to distribute the gravitational force of your body regularly and prevents the build-up of resistance on any pressure points.

The ability to provide pain relief on pressure point was the critical reason memory foam was first introduced in medical uses before making its appearance in commercial mattresses. As you lie down on a memory foam bed, you will notice the lack of apparent upward force associated with conventional spring mattresses.


3. Hypoallergenic

People who are sensitive to allergens are cautious when choosing a mattress and typically prefer those made with memory foam. Viscoelastic mattresses are known for its hypoallergenic properties thanks to the allergen-resistant nature of the material used in the construction.

Dust mites, a common microscopic pest in a warm and humid country like Malaysia will have trouble breeding in a these mattresses. Other allergens like pet dander and mold will also have difficulty in finding their way into a memory foam, which is made of dense inorganic fiber.


4. Temperature Adjustment

One of the most common concerns for Malaysians when shopping for a mattress is the heat factor. With a relatively warm temperature throughout the year, a mattress that handles heat well prevents you from having interrupted periods of sleep.

A memory foam bed allows deep slumber, thanks to its ability to adjust itself to the sleeper’s comfort when the temperature increases. The foam material will soften and enable a person to sleep comfortably. This is highly beneficial for people struggling with body pain.


5. Supports Every Sleeping Position

The ability for viscoelastic mattresses to contour itself on the body curve of the sleeper made it an ideal choice for people with varying sleeping positions. This characteristic is even more pronounced if couples who are sharing the same mattress have different sleeping style.

Memory foam mattresses like those in Sealy Flagship collection takes off the pressure off the lumbar of back sleepers and provides comfortable support for the hip and waist of side sleepers. Regardless of the different style between couples, the memory foam is the ideal solution.


6. Motion Transfer Resistance

If you are always disturbed from sleep by the movements of your partner’s movement, getting a memory foam seems like a wise choice. The structure of the memory foam prevents any unwanted motions to be transferred to your partner. It may sound like it’s defying physics, but this is the mechanism of memory foam.

Besides that, a memory foam bed also doesn’t create an annoying squeaking sound that conventional spring mattress does as it ages.


7. Durability

Viscoelastic mattresses are generally more durable to their spring counterpart. It can be a pain changing a mattress every five years or so. This wouldn’t happen with a viscoelastic mattress. Such mattresses that are of average quality can easily last for 7 years, whereas denser and superior ones have a lifespan of up to 10 years.

Besides its long-lasting quality, memory foam also tends to sag lesser compared to the traditional spring mattress.


8. Easy To Clean And Maintain

With its allergen resistant structure, you’ll have little need to vacuum a memory foam bed regularly. All you need is occasional vacuuming and flipping of the mattress to keep it hygienic.


Choosing The Best Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam beds may sound promising for a good night sleep, but not all are created equal. Here are what to look for when selecting a mattress made of viscoelastic materials.

Foam Density – As a rule of thumb, the higher the density of memory foam, the longer it will last. It was rated in pounds per cubic foot of memory foam, and premium viscoelastic mattresses have a density of 5 lb and above.
Comfort Rating – Ask for the comfort rating, it’s measured in, and a lower value constitutes a higher comfort level.
Thickness – If you enjoy the sinking feeling when sleeping on a viscoelastic mattress, you’ll want to choose a thicker mattress with lower foam density.


We hope this guide has served you well in understanding the benefits of memory foam mattresses and choosing the right one.