Tips To Buy King Size And Queen Mattress

  Considering that most people spent an average of 8 hours sleeping on their bed, decisions when buying a king size mattress or queen mattress should be made with ample considerations. While it’s tempting to look for bargains especially at home expos, you shouldn’t overlook these factors when shopping for a mattress.     1. […]

Quality Sealy Mattress And Beds Malaysia

  In Malaysia, urban life is transforming at a rapid pace. Hectic lifestyle and work stress demand that you get a restful night of sleep to rejuvenate yourself. Just as you’re reading this, you realize that ordinary mattresses no longer guarantee you the refreshing sleep that you need. Enter Sealy, a century-old brand name that […]

Leading Hotel Mattress Suppliers In Malaysia

  The hospitality industry in Malaysia is highly competitive, with hotels of all sizes vying for a share of local and foreign visitors. While top-notch services will keep guests coming back for more, the choice of mattress used in a hotel could be as equally decisive.   What Makes A Good Mattress For Hotels There […]

Best Quality Mattress In Malaysia

  Sleep, or rather the lack of, is a growing concern amongst populations in major cities. This is true for busy hustlers in cities like Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Johor Bahru. Often, the remedy for a good night sleep is replacing your mattress with a new one. But before you discard your mattress away, it’s […]

Best Place To Buy A Mattress Malaysia

  Chances are, most Malaysians have experienced shopping for a mattress at generic furniture retailer, as the promises of a bargain and freebies are hard to resist. Coupled with slick salesmanship, you may end up forking out hard earned cash for a mattress that turns out to be rather average when you slept on it […]

Best Mattress Stores In Malaysia

  When you’re looking for any best mattress stores in Malaysia, your choice is often narrowed down to the select few. Among those, Sealy naturally tops the list of Malaysians preferred mattress choice. Before we look into reasons that distinguished our brand from other competitors, we’ll like to bring you the founding story of Sealy. […]

Benefits Of Memory Foam Mattress

  When shopping for a mattress, you’ll come across various brands claiming the superiority of memory foam or viscoelastic mattress. Apart from knowing that the contour adjusts itself to the shape of a person, there are other advantages of such mattresses that made it a top choice amongst sleepers.   The History Of Memory Foam […]